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School Youth Leadership and Whole of School Program

Students are trained to design and build something functional and artistic for their school or community and engage the rest of the school or community in the process.

The emphasis is to create an experience that exemplifies strength in numbers, teamwork and co-operation and is also able to showcase the unique power of youth.

Earthen masonry is a science with a skillset that is conducive to natural youth dynamics. A large group of students can crank out a large batch of bricks quite fast, while creating an energetic, entertaining musical spectacle at the same time. 

It can be run for a single class and or the whole school where a leadership team organises and drives the project and the rest of the school is invited to join in.

Structures that can be built include: a wood fired stove or oven, garden wall, cubby house, gazebo outdoor kitchen or whatever else is needed or desired. Something can be built in one day or over a year.

Earthen masonry structures are best to be covered from the elements under a roof, and with smooth renders and various natural waterproof finishes.

A musical mud stomp allows large numbers of students and teachers to be a part of the process of creating the structure. Roles include: audience, barefoot mud mixers, brick makers, music and percussion makers, food and refreshment servers, builders, event organisers, event promoters, building designers and so forth.

More than one faculty within a school can work together to create the finished product and come together for the musical mud stomp where mud is mixed for make bricks and or mortar.

Musical mud stomps are more conducive to warm weather. During the colder weather we focus on cooking on our built appliances, building small scale architectural models, and planning for the warm weather events and activities.

Our vision is festive earthen masonry incubated within youth dynamics -where youth are empowered with the experiences, tools and know-how for creating meaningful structures in meaningful ways.

Program costs start at $500 per day.

We can help you re-appropriate some of your building funds so that creating any new structures you plan/want to build can be a learning/team building experience.

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