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How it works.  

STEPS: Create a team, Choose a site, Design a structure, Decorate the site. Start to play and make music. Start mixing mud with the barefoot mud stomping dance. Dance. Create. Collaborate, Build. Sculpt, Cook. Serve. Rest, Continue, Smooth, Polish, Paint.

Once a site is chosen a clay-mud pit is built and filled with soft and squishy and mushy and mooshy and ooey and gooey and gloopy and gloppy and sloppy mud made from sand and clay.​ The mud pit area becomes a community stage of sorts and the site for the musical mud stomp with an audience, music, food and
unfired-earthen-masonry building and sculpting activities. 
Performing the​​​​​​​​​​ barefoot mud-stomping dance mixes and churns ​the clay-mud into a suitable mixture for building and sculpting with​​​​, which transforms the labor intensive aspect into a fun, interesting activity​​​​​​.



A durable, a​rtistic, functional architecturally engineered, BCA (Building Code of Australia) compliant structure is completed by the end of the project and becomes a permanent asset of the community, ​managed by the site hosts who own or manage the land. 
The finshed structure and everything that has been learned along the way ​belongs to the community and becomes the seed for future aspirations. During the colder weather participants focus on the performance aspects, cooking and sharing, preparing for the warmer times. Small scale models of structures are also built during the cold weather to learn the techniques and showcased to promote the warm weather life sized program.
Mud Fun Verbs:
Gathering, cooperating, working together, playing together, keeping up with the rhythm and the beat and the melody, preparing and sharing, building, sculpting, planning, designing, hosting, organising, dancing, working, passing the blobs, stomping on the mud, mixing and churning the mud, testing, presenting, mentoring, volunteering, learning, teaching, singing, chanting, squishing, sloshing, slopping, patting, smoothing, polishing, lifting, moving, displaying, calculating, communicating, welcoming, meeting, greeting, inviting, promoting, marketing, advertising, making, swirling, plastering, decorating, painting, enjoying, wetting, drying, splashing, soaking, bathing, lolling, planting, harvesting, preparing, cooking, serving, eating, drinking, merry-making, recording, editing, writing, drumming, performing, acting, role playing, experimenting, creating, expowering, remembering, discovering, engineering, joking, face-painting, body painting, story telling, cooking, smelling, blobbing, forming, team building, shaping.
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