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We cultivate a "culture" that blends the construction sciences with the cultural arts. Fun productive events that engage participants and in food music and building, give them a strong sense of teamwork and ownership in the structure being built and also a general belonging to place.

Construction: We provide full-service architecture to help you choose a construction team that is amenable and conducive to our approach, delivering structures that are functional, artistic, and one of a kind. No project is too small or too big. 


Cultural arts, performing arts, art, design. Our program attracts and inspires people to feel comfortable about themselves and their community, find common ground, feel a sense of the strength in numbers and the greater good. This goes for everyone involved. We elevate and expand the purpose of art and culture from entertainment and tie it directly into the construction process. We use art to expand the reach, the depth and breadth of construction and to create appreciation, recognition and reward for construction workers, and also for artists' contributions to our construction projects. 


Education: Our approach creates a range of educational outcomes including music, science, art, maths, history, culture, English and more. Students can be involved in the project from design to completion and from the foundation to the finishing and ribbon cutting ceremony.  A project can present a challenge to a group of students to develop their leadership and communication skills, and or provide hands-on learning opportunities or work-like experiences. A project can meet a number of curriculum goals across multiple subjects. 


Community organising. Our approach provides opportunities for community engagement around a construction project. Our process draws in all elements of the community for inclusion to become aligned to your organisation’s cause. This includes seniors, toddlers, local businesses, and community groups.


Funding. We can help you attract various pools of funding including sponsorship, education, construction and community.

Pioneers- We are pioneering new ground and seeking those whose ideas are not too rigidly formed or shaped by our norms and those who are actively looking for better ways to do things. We are looking for people able to see how separate components of our communities operating in isolation can fit together for the greater good. Pioneers have to be bold and courageous and yet also humble enough to know that sensitivity will be needed to break new ground. We are looking for those with vision, caring and responsibility, and who believe in the power of broad diversity and bringing all relevant perspectives to the table. We are seeking those who are able to see the benefit of proposing solutions and identifying allies to the cause rather than protesting wrongs and pointing out so called enemies and those who understand the importance of completion. For example, saving the world is a noble cause but is it one that you and your team can successfully achieve and be able to celebrate your success with? We are seeking those who recognise that the journey will not be completely easy and will not be without struggle which sets up realistic expectations. The struggle is threefold: personal, interpersonal and global. This is not a masochistic need for pain, it is understanding that there will be effort required and a kind of pain resulting, as in exercise or stretching.

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