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We train you and your team to cultivate a festive earthen building culture that blends traditional earthen masonry construction with the festive cultural arts. In the places around the world where traditional earthen masonry flourishes, and superior high performing structures are plenty, there is a cultural approach to construction which provides everyone with many benefits and in such a way that industry is unable to do. Fun productive events engage participants and in food music and building, giving them a strong sense of teamwork and ownership in the structure being built and also a general belonging to place.


This approach empowers us to stretch beyond societal and industry limitations to deliver a superior quality that draws on our heritage.

Structures: We train your team to get your project underway and deliver structures that are embued with the ancient traditions which makes them high-performing, aesthetically pleasing, and one-of-a-kind.  Some parts of the walls are very thick, much thicker than modern walls and full of curves, irregularities and sculptural elements.


Engaging the community: We train your team to learn the fundamentals of traditional cultural earthen masonry and the values, strategies and roles and responsibilities for engaging the community.


Education: We train you and your team to extract all the educational opportunities from your project.

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