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Building a small scale model is the best way to learn all the recipes, methods, strategies and considerations for building a life sized structure.  We can design a program that fits your needs for a classroom or small team.  Its a great way to be introduced to the Mud Fun Way to involve others in your project.   A"human values approach" to shelter creation.

The small scale model project is made up of ten modules which can be completed in as little as 5 days to allow drying time in between each stage.

Learn how to build stone foundational footings and plinth, load bearing walls, renders and natural "paint" finishes including polished earth floor, how to tie in frames for windows doors and roof, also learn about placement and other considerations for a life sized project.

The finished structure can be used to promote your life sized project and get everyone excited about it

small scale model from above.jpg
small scale model floor.jpg
smalll scale model.jpg
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