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Examples of Traditional Cultural Unfired Earthen Masonry from around the World


Research and learn more about some of the world's longest continuously inhabited settlements made out of unfired or sun-dried clay-mud masonry mixtures, in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas in the traditional cultural way. 


Google any of the following: Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, Fujian Tulou, China, Devon UK cob, Shibam, Yemen, Djenne, Mali, Ghadames Libya, European Pise, Rammed Earth, Buildings, cob buildings, adobe, earthen buildings, Oregon Cob, Kleiwerks, Cob Builders, Cob Cottage Company. Earth Architecture Earth architecture of Saudi Arabia Djenne, Mali Grand Mosque Djenne Mali annual spring plastering festival African mud brick building Dogon Settlements Dogon Architecture Burkina Faso, Africa mud brick buildings Musgum Huts, Cameroon Africa, Senegalese Mud brick, Masai Mud Hut Syrian Mud Archtecture Iranian Mud Architecture Ancient citadel of Rayel, Iran Harran clay houses, Trulli, Harran, province Sanliurfa, Mesopotamia Traditional mud homes of India, Mud Homes of Jaisalmer India, Traditional mud homes of Pakistan Traditional mud homes of Afghanistan, Libya, Traditional mud houses of Ghana, Traditional mud homes of Tanzania Shaam-e-Sarhad mud brick resort India Sarouj village, Hama, SyriaThe Xhosa Hut, South Africa Painted houses of the Alaba peoples near Kulito, Ethiopia, Africa Yakhchal: Ancient Refrigerators – Mud Brick Aït Benhaddou, Morocco Earth architecture of Morocco, Lepianka of Poland, World heritage earthen architecture programme (WHEAP)

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