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New measurements/criteria we are adding into the world of building and construction

Measurements - Average totals for each portion of the wall being built

  • ​Numbers of people involved as witnesses or participants.

  • Numbers of audience members’ eyes and ears that have “recorded” the spectacle.

  • Number of active participants.

  • Numbers of barefeet and toes interacting with the main ingredients of the structure (by weight).

  • Numbers of fingers interacting with the main ingredients of the structure.

  • Numbers of times a single toe is immersed in the main ingredient.

  • Amount and quality of music gone into the building process.

  • Numbers of people playing music onsite while building is going on/main ingredient by weight is being formed.

  • The entertainment value/execution of the dance moves in the mud pit.

  • The entertainment value/execution of the music being played.

  • Intensity of the witnesses’ witnessing.

Other - Spontaneity levels

Factors that increase success rates:

  • Accessibility of site in general determines how many people can easily get to the site

  • Layout/design of site/event to increaseconversion rates from attendees into active participants.

  • The attraction power of the sincerity of a gracious host.

  • The skillset of good facilitators.

  • The attraction power of food, fire, smoke smell.

  • The attraction power of a naturally attractive setting.

  • Number of musical instruments available

  • The skillset of musical directors to engage others.

  • Promotional efforts.

  • Visibility of the site that determines how many will be enrolled by chance/passing by.

  • Timing of event – good timing positively affects attendance.

  • Unified vision and focus of the team.

  • Intended results

  • More collective ownership of the process.

  • More personal community connections made.

  • More return visits to community sites.

  • More people wanting to help organise or attend more events to continue/develop the process.

  • More projects undertaken to continue developing the process

  • More diversity of all ages joining in

  • More interest /participation in other relevant/related issues/endevours.

  • A unique process for building walls/structures developed locally.

  • Strong walls.

  • More memory weight (numbers of memories+ how good they are x how long they last for)

  • We are increasing the above measurements, for every square meter of building being achieved, using the tools above and reaching the results

  • above while decreasing both financial and environmental costs and increasing building integrity –thermal mass and general strength..


Ways to measure success. These are some real measurements of a real Mud Fun project:

  • Approximate numbers of people in attendance.

  • Number of toes connecting with the main building material by weight. = 20,000

  • Number of fingers connecting with the main building material by weight =20,000

  • Number of eyes that have recorded the spectacle including kitchen building process = 6,000

  • Number of ears that have recorded the spectacle =6,000

  • Number of people playing music during process = 2,300

  • Number of toe squishes -or number of times a single toe squishes in the main building material. = 2,000,000 (20,000 toes x an average of 100 stomps)

  • Total Score = 2, million and 54 thousand and 3 hundred!!!

This score of TWO MILLION, 54 THOUSAND and 3 HUNDRED means we are the best!

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