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New measurements/criteria we are adding into the world of building and construction.


Measurements - Average totals for each portion of the wall being built.

Numbers of people involved as witnesses or participants.

Numbers of audience members’ eyes and ears that have “recorded” the spectacle.

Number of active participants.

Numbers of barefeet and toes interacting with the main ingredients of the structure (by weight).

Numbers of fingers interacting with the main ingredients of the structure.

Numbers of times a single toe is immersed in the main ingredient.

Amount and quality of music gone into the building process.

Numbers of people playing music onsite while building is going on/main ingredient by weight is being formed.

The entertainment value/execution of the dance moves in the mud pit.

The entertainment value/execution of the music being played.

Intensity of the witnesses’ witnessing.




Spontaneity levels.


Tools /factors that can help increase average levels of each

Accessibility of site in general that determines how many people can easily get to the site

Layout/design of site/event to increase

conversion rates from attendees into active participants.

The attraction power of the sincerity of a gracious host.

The skillset of good facilitators.

The attraction power of food, fire, smoke smell.

The attraction power of a naturally attractive setting.

Number of musical instruments available

Skillset of musical directors to engage others.

Promotional efforts.

Visibility of the site that determines how many will be enrolled by chance/passing by.

Timing of event – good timing positively effects attendance.

Unified vision and focus of the team.

Intended results

More collective ownership of the structure/site and the process.

More personal community connections made.

More return visits to community sites.

More people wanting to help organise or attend more events to continue/develop the process.

More projects undertaken to continue developing the process

More diversity of all ages joining in

More interest /participation in other relevant/related issues/endevours.

A unique process for building walls/structures developed locally.

Strong walls.

More memory weight (numbers of memories+ how good they are x how long they last for)

We are increasing the above measurements, for every square meter of building being achieved, using the tools above and reaching the results

above while decreasing both financial and environmental costs and increasing building integrity –thermal mass and general strength..

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