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Morning David, just wanted to share with you the sentiment of gratitude we have been receiving since the mud stomp. People have been expressing to me that the experience  was 'life changing', 'inspiring', 'something their family will talk about for years to come', 'a beautiful experience' - I think yesterday touched people's hearts deeply.


Thank you.  

Do you know the basic soup recipe by any chance?  I have been asked to put it on our Facebook page.

Sahrn, Director Buxton Community Garden

"Mud Fun has been the best community experience for my three kids and I. We have watched and helped build some fabulous structures for everyone to enjoy, learning through play and fun. It is organic learning at it's best, using individual skills whilst developing a community bond. We love Mud Fun!" Heather, mum, Wollondilly.

" My 16 grandson got allot out of this program. His behavior at home changed positively. On the award day, once the project was completed he said it was the best day of his life."  Mr Perry, Mt Gambier.

" The children had a blast and for the first time they had ever experienced a real open fire. This was the most exciting excursion they had been part of and the same thing goes for myself and the other educators. The children had an amazing experience. The facilitators were amazing. they were so down to earth and addressed all the children so respectfully regardless of race, age or gender on the day. They were enthusiastic, supportive and ensured that all the participants were included in the activities and most importantly ensured that the children left with a real experience that was positive and that children were educated in the importance of community and natural resources."  Karen, Community Centre Director.

Thanks for sharing your Mud Fun program with us. What a journey this has been! I want to take this time to review some of the highlights of the program.


Overall I'm amazed by "the magic of the mud" while recognising how all the other components of the program work together to benefit the youth leadership team members and their community. There is something in it for everyone. Even our most highly disengaged students got involved in some way which is a remarkable accomplishment in itself. 


Dustin Perry was the obvious winner in this program. Everyone is so proud of him receiving 20 SASE points in only 3 months which is what he was expected to get in 2 years. From the time the project started he maintained a perfect attendance record with additional participation after hours, (weekends, evenings and school holidays) way above and beyond the call of duty. He found and chose the ideal location for the project -his old primary school- and made introductions to Jane Turner, the Principal there. He brought his classmates, peers, family and others into the project and things snowballed from there. Dustin also helped find and dig up the clay with a pick and shovel during some of our hottest weather on record. He took on the challenge of involving the community and proving the definition of "strength in numbers" by engaging his ex-Scout troupe and others. Almost all of the 500 participants in the program can be linked back to Dustin.


The accomplishments with the other youth participants are also noteworthy.  Everyone got involved in cooking and preparing each other lunch, all the boys dug out the mud pit, everyone had a go at mixing mud and building with mud, Tamika and John designed the flyers, Adam and Jamie were featured spokespersons for the group and featured in the newspaper, Aiden recruited his step dad to build the roof, Jericho did the artistic design finishes and several had a go at providing rhythm with percussion. Finally, it was great to see everyone there on the final day with their families to receive their truly deserving awards in front of the entire school and the press once the cubby house was completed.

Mud Fun has been a clear winner. Our students have obviously gained lots of extra confidence and positive memories to carry with them wherever they go. Yours Sincerely, Janine Hutton, Campbell Page Director.

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