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Clay is a sticky, slippery, ooey gooey mystery

that started from the beginning of planet earth’s history

it cannot be replicated in any of our laboratories  

cured mums bee sting so its anti inflammatory 

worldwide there's plenty ancient mythological allegories

And Creator creating Earthlings out-of-clay-earth stories. 

And one of sun-dried, earthen-mud-masonry’s glories

is the worlds oldest skyscrapers Shibam! 11 storeys! 

They’re testimonies of what's stored in our DNAs RAMemamories

And many more of these across our planets territories

 And plenty more is stored down in our planet's inventories

The layer that covers the earth runs about a mile deep, 

which translated into milliseconds

is more than all of humanity will ever sleep.

Wake up its Dreamtime! Buried under Greenwich meantime. 

And yes when it's mealtime, why yes yes of course

You can eat pure clay if it comes from a clean source.

add a pinch in powder form

To your bolognaise sauce.  

Recipe original, clay is full of mineral, 

nutritional, medicinal,

permission from your Principal  

has been granted just like a wish you made

get a whiff of earth, smells delicious like this dish we made

hearing squishy squelchy sounds is music to our ears

as we stomp to the rhythm and infuse it with our cheers. Yay!

and the mud’s magnetic properties 

draw out toxins through the skin. 

Its what those in the know about true cleanliness

and true environmental friendliness   -choose to cover themselves in.

No mailman never aint sent. A body paint as ancient

Decoration, celebration, for every ceremony

for born-birth, die-death and

And for dancing the Funky Boney Chicken Maroney

Where my funky chickens and roosters at?!!!!

Drums please!

So come on down to the mud pit

Do a little dance let's cut it

Even all the Fuddy Duddys luv it.

The space between your toes is gunna love it

We welcome the sun from above n

It’s the oven that we bake some more mud in 

More blobs more bricks, come make some

Eats a piece of pizza, come take some

The mud bath is full, come take one,

And we all put our hands up for you

 and we raised em up vertically too

Volunteered to show you a team that is strong

To show us how and what planet we belong.

The name of it of course is the Earth right?

And as Earthlings we all have a birthright

To connect to the earth of the Earth right?

The turf of our merrymaking mirth right?

Coz when earthlings are happy then the Earth sings

And mud pie instincts are worth rekindling

The fire, the flames, the rhythm of our heart beats

Our hands they make the heartfelt drum beats

So come in down to the mud pit

Do a lil dance let's cut it’

and if you’re purse-strings are limitless

 and u think u fastitious

then come to our fancy, exclusive spa business,

for a mud bath with plant oils added as stimulus

we scrub you meticulous, the ridgey didge-indigenous

like a shoulder to shoulder lets be contiguous.

Gather together everyone in the place we meet

the fingers and toes of our hands and our feet-

will mix the clay-mud now with the wet water.

The mud makes the bricks as well as the mortar

no furnace, no factory that makes the pollution

just mud earth bricks sun baking thank you to you Sun.

And this is the recipe we learn and we teach

clay from the ground and the sand from the beach

We mix em up together, with everyone together

So we can re-remember this recipe forever.

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