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Create festive events around a large mud pit, with live music and drums and audiences and food. Build a life-sized, functional artistic structure such as an oven, bench, kitchen, cubby house or other small dwelling type structure. Engage your whole school and/or community around the project using locally sourced clay subsoil ingredients. 


3,6 or 9 months


Participate / Support

Bring a festive approach to building to your school, community or backyard.

Experience festive earthen masonry - support and help develop the culture.


When the weather is warm, bring a festive mud stomp to your community, school or backyard where participants work together as a team and play drums, serve each other food, and of course interact with the mud - mixing it with hands and feet and making mud blobs and mud bricks and a camping stove. 




Programming during the colder months.   Mini-Mud Fun


Year round programming for large projects

One day experience

Engage your class, or whole school around designing, building, & showcasing a hand sculpted small scale model structure made with locally sourced clay subsoil ingredients. Culminate with a festive event to showcase your work and share what you have learned with your community.

8 sessions


A tailor made program

Have something youd like built? We can design a program with the right mix of building and interactive festive events.

Current Projects that you can get involved in if you are in the area.

For each of these project we aim to develop a festive earthen masonry culture with audience, music, drums, food and the building activities.


Picton - adding a stage structure to the garden kitchen at the Nursery.

Belambi Neighborhood Centre- decorating the oven we made last term and building a load bearing garden wall.

Bulli PCYC - building a wood fired oven structure for the community.

Kurnell Community Centre - building a wood fired oven structure.

Kangaroo Valley -  building something with the community.

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