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Mudfun transforms the "work- mentality - reality" of shelter construction into play.


We start with a small structure  that provide lots of opportunities for many people to experience fun, education and relaxation..

Children and youth are the masters of the realm of play and so their involvement is key.


Mudfun trains teams of all ages to use music, food, dance, ceremony and role play to strengthen circles of trust and achieve unique  construction goals in ways that are very counter to and  yet very compatible with and complementary to current norms.  Building with earth is uniquely conducive to this approach.  


Mud Fun can help you and/or your family create a team that is able to create its own flavour of festive community earthen building culture to create simultaneously create shelter, abundance. and healing, reducing the financial, social and emotional costs of shelter creation. 

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This is a sketch of a large scale public musical mudstomp that could take place at the beach or public park in a morning or afteroon. We have helped individuals and community groups and schools and councils organise and host such events. which ae guided by a "more the merrier" ethos.

The goals are twofold: social and tangible = building goals such as a batch of bricks made. .


The social goals include:

-youth empowerment, youth training

-experiencing strength in numbers

-community engagement and strengthening circles of trust

-promoting the site and future structure to future /potential users in a unique fun way

-transforming stress and costs (financial,social,environmental) into abundance and vitality.


The bricks are made and dried in place and later taken to the construction site. The sketch depicts the event taking place at the building site as we did for Eurobodalla Shire Council to build a cubby house in their regional botanic gardens involving 2,000 people of all ages in the process, via festive afternoon events of up to 300 participants.


These musical mud stomp events can be scaled down of course to match the needs of the site and builder.

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"Morning David, just wanted to share with you the sentiment of gratitude we have been receiving since the mud stomp. People have been expressing to me that the experience  was


life changing, inspiring, something their family will talk about for years to come, a beautiful experience - I think yesterday touched people's hearts deeply. Thank you.

Sahrn, Director Buxton Community Garden

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