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TPR Mud Fun Project


Musical mudstomp events for all ages and abilities.

Music. Dance. Mud mixing. Mud brick making. Food sharing. Ceremony. Culminating with building a liveable cubby house dwelling together.

Events in Brisbane East, North, South and West, Gold Coast and Sunny Coast.

Specific Locations to be decided.

Please register to receive more information and invitations.

At each region's event we will:

-mix and churn natural mud mixtures barefoot to live drumming, music and chants in front of a live audience.

-make mud bricks to dry in the sun which will be used to build a dwelling at the culminating camp out. 

All the bricks from all regions will be brought to the culminating camp out location where we will build and sculpt a liveable cubby house together using a festive, all-inclusive approach!

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