What We Offer for Landowners & Community Groups


This is the Mud fun engagement process with fees that is worked through with landowners and community groups. The process outlined below takes stakeholders from the initial consultation through to having your community team trained and experienced in creating mud bricks for your dwelling. This transforms the labour and costs of a standard high end mud build into an affordable festive community activity. This empowers your community to address the housing crisis directly by using strength in numbers.

To begin the process email mudfunaustralia@gmail.com to request further information

*the fees below are indicative and vary on a case by case basis



1hr Clarity Call

- Run through the Mud Fun concept and process


- Discuss questionnaire results and suitability of site


- Conduct community assets inventory




Site Analysis

- Site Analysis, Soil Sample & Site Layout Design


$ 600


Weekend Workshop for Mud Stomp

Training Day, Rehearsals & Preparations for organisers & all directors


We get your community members ready to take on key roles for organising and hosting a mud stomp

$7000 + travel

5 - 20 people trained


Introduction to Mud Fun Day

​- Introduction to Mud Fun Presentation: concept and journey to build your committed community


- Full day 4 hours lunch included and hall hire


$1000 + travel costs


Mud Fun Campaign Day

​We bring Mud Fun to your community and get them excited about being part of your mudstomp and mud build


$1000 + 500 event flyers + travel costs

Can include mudstomp demonstration


Mudstomp Event

Mud Fun oversees the Mud Stomp event, key roles and teams


$3500 per day + travel