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What We Offer for Landowners & Community Groups


The Mud fun engagement process with fees


Our process trains your team to create its own unique festive building culture that helps you build your dwelling..

Creating a festive building culture.

A festive earthen building culture transforms the financial, social and environmental costs of shelter construction into abundance ie rejuvenation, recreation, education and more..

Remember building cubby houses as a child?

Mud Fun re-activates your shelter-creation instincts within a community setting of all ages and everyone gets to experience the beauty of strength in numbers.

To begin the process email to request further information

*the fees below are indicative and vary on a case by case basis



1HR Clarity Call

-Discuss questionnaire results 

- Run through the Mud Fun concept and process as it relates to your project. Find ways to save money, time and energy.

-Start getting your team members on the same page.



Site Analysis, 

- Site Analysis, including Soil Testing. In person walk around the site and making some test bricks/cobs.


$ 600 + travel


Weekend Workshop for Mud Stomp

Training Day, Rehearsals & Preparations for organisers & all directors


Get your team members ready to take on key roles for organising and hosting a mud stomp

$7000 + travel

Up to 20 people trained


Introduction to Mud Fun Day

​- Introduction to Mud Fun

-Begin training your team (from 2-20 people)


Full Day Training 


$1000 + travel costs


Mud Fun Campaign Day

​Bring Mud Fun to a community setting such as a public park or beach as a community outreach, promotional exercise to get everyone excited about being part of your project


$2000 + promo and travel costs


Mudstomp Event

Experienced Mud Fun directors attends your event to ensure it is all it can be.


$3500 per day + travel

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