Oct 2018, MOU signed with Indus Jaivik Aura, Nainital India.

Dec 2018 Our JV work makes front page news in Jharkhand.

“The Indian tVedic Village is our roots. It stores all of our most valuable knowledge and wisdom. All humans were once villagers and India is still a land made up of villages. By restoring the Indian Vedic Village we strengthen all of humanity. “  Indu, Indusjaivik Aura. 

Over ago I began a journey of reconnecting with my ancestral cultural roots. Over two years ago I started reaching out to find ohters to help me realise a vision. As part of my search I discovered earthen masonry and came across the work of SOL (Mud Fun Australia) a collective of architects, cultural leaders and educators backed by ethical investors funds. After 338 emails !! 😊🌿🙏 members of SOL came to India and we signed an MOU to work together. Oct 2018, saw SOL Illawarra (Australia)  & IndusJaivik Aura (India) Joint Venture ( JV ) - MOU signed in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand.🌸🌿 Dec 2018, Chief Minister of Jharkhand approves our pilot project to build a Pilot - Rejuvenation centre in Dumka Jharkhand made of earthen masonry and recommends same for all 24 districts. That was indeed a big motivational leap for all of us. We would like to expand The Vedic Ayushgram - Mitti Festival nationally and internationally 🌸🌿🙏

The cutting edge of science is saying that The Vedas are a code for the meaning of life the universe and everything. Within the Vedas

Earthen masonry is listed as a preferred building method. Earthen masonry has many connections to the Vedas. Therefore if I may, I will continue speaking about earthen masonry and our vision for it.

Why India?

Greetings! Namaste. Let me start by saying what I like most about India is our vedic roots -or more precisely, he potential that lies within these roots - that which gives us our  Spirituality Food, Music, Village , Festivals -our culture.

India is an ideal location to seed this vision as India has:

-a strong appreciation and value for education including adoption of project based learning, social emotional learning, hands on learning, sustainability education.

-a strong festival culture.

-a strong cultural performing arts community in each area.

-Bhoomi Puja to celebrate construction projects.

-many skilled earthen masonry and heritage natural building artisans

-village culture and heritage

-Green Schools initiatives

-An environmental movement

-An ecotourism industry

-earthen masonry, natural building revival amongst youth

-CSR programs

-Government and corporate partnerships.

-A conference circuit through which to share and promote.

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