The Musical Mud Stomp Process

Once Mud Fun has been engaged the planning of the events can begin.


At the chosen site a clay-mud pit is built (by either you or us) and filled with soft and squishy and mushy and ooey and gooey and gloopy and gloppy and sloppy mud made from sand and clay. The mud pit area becomes the site for the musical mud stomp events which include an audience, music, food and unfired-earthen-masonry building and sculpting activities. The highlight is the barefoot stompng. Rehearsals can begin immediately.

The Barefoot Stomping Dance

Performing the barefoot mud-stomping dance mixes and churns the clay-mud into a suitable mixture for building and sculpting with, which transforms the labor intensive aspect into a fun, interesting activity.


The Physical Outcome

​A durable, a​rtistic, functional structure is completed by the end of the project and becomes a permanent tangible asset.


Building the culture.

​The finshed structure and everything that has been learned along the way ​becomes the seed for future aspirations.


Cold Weather programs.

During the colder weather, we can run cooking events and help you prepare future builds in the warmer times. We can lead groups and individuals through the process of building small-scale models of structures during the cold weather to learn the techniques and showcased to promote the warm weather life-sized program.

How much does it cost?

An initial (free) 45 min consultation determines if we are a good fit. The goal is to radically reduce the cost of shelter while radically increasing the quality of the building process and the quality of the structure.

Q: How do you dramatically increase quality while dramatically reducing costs? 

A: By invoking the spirit of generosity.

We begin working with you to curate your events to make attendees feel like honoured guests, and also to give them every opportunity to contribute to the project in whatever ways they can. This includes their presence, their labour, and their gifts in the form of cash and/or materials for the build. 

It is to be expected that different people will give different amounts of money just as some people will give different amounts of energy to the build. For example, a special friend or family member who knows certain particulars about the owner builder’s financial situation, or others who resonate with the project may like to give more money.  We trust in people’s better nature and know that people who don't give money might give more energy and effort towards achieving the project’s goals. The final balance between giving and receiving is determined by the unique dynamics of each group which determines the financial outcomes for the owner-builder.


The owner-builder can launch a fundraising campaign to solicit funds from close family and friends and others who may like to donate to the cause. This can be done using an online crowdfunding platform that makes it easy to create a  promotional message that can easily be sent to both those that are attending the events and those that are not. People who are unable to attend the event can still give to the cause and show support from afar. Mud Fun can help with this.

Completing the structure


When the structure is completed and inhabited by a happy resident/s it validates the true value of the festive earthen masonry building culture that Mud Fun is espousing. Therefore we are stakeholders in getting the structure completed and inhabited as soon as possible. We are seeking individuals who share in this desire and vision.