CPT - Construction Project as Teacher

We can create K-12 lesson plans and learning outcomes and provide teachers with accredited learning around Project Based Learning, STEM and Hands on Learning

“Construction Project as Teacher” (CPT) is an axiom we created to mean that we extract educational value out of the construction project. It has been created from 10 plus years of projects and activities for tens of thousands of participants of all ages involved in a fun process that results in one of a kind architecturally engineered structures. Most of these participants have been school children during school time showing that we have been successful operating within the confines of the highest levels of red tape bureaucracy and public scrutiny. 


CPT makes learning more hands on and relevant and it also makes construction more healthy, more transparent and inclusive. 


Healthy Construction: reduction of pollution that causes climate change, higher indoor air quality,  dramatic elimination of toxicity relating to construction.


Transparent and Inclusive Construction : Hands on knowledge and know how is available to everyone.


The client determines the extent to which CPT is wrapped around a construction project. 


The amount of education that a client is able to extract from a construction project depends on factors including:

  • the budget

  • the size of the project

  • the client’s fundraising capacity

  • the time available for participants to participate

  • the number of participants able and willing to take part

  • the community assets and resources that are available


CPT uses building materials, methods and energy sources that are not only sustainable, they are regenerative. CPT embodies both environmental sustainability and also social sustainability. Environmentally it provides a means for dramatically eliminating pollution responsible for climate change and socially it creates more healthy, meaningful connections between people. CPT goes one step further than merely sustaining. Rather than only aiming to reduce pollution down to a level we can sustain, CPT uses practices that go beyond sustaining and which regenerate our society, our environment and ourselves. CPT recognises that the construction industry is responsible for a very large component of the pollution causing climate change and that we can turn that around and use the construction projects as a vehicle for regenerating the world around us and making it better. By opening hen we do this within an educational context then the benefits are multiplied exponentially.


Daensity = Love per square meter of construction.

Positivity is an indicator of good education. It is also a measure of success by any definition. Daensity is a term we have created to measure the positivity extracted from a project and the flow on effect of this. When many people gain a sense of satisfaction and camaraderie from completing something as substantial as making a bunch of hand made bricks for a wall, in a short period of time and in the most spectacular, memorable, environmentally friendly way, it reflects daensity.  Daensity is achieved by combining both environmental and social sustainability goals such that the project begins reflecting regenerative elements that extend beyond the goals of sustainability. 


CPT generates both higher quality structures and higher quality education.


In addition to creating superior construction works -in terms of quality, aesthetics and environmental footprint, CPT creates high quality education which can be categorised as both hard and soft education which positively impact students and professional adults alike.


CPT “hard” education is achieved through:

  • lesson plans to meet school curriculum goals and environmental goals for project-based learning opportunities. 

  • work-like experiences job / life skills training for older adolescent youth.

  • teacher training and upskilling in project-based learning methods.

  • upskilling education industry workers, construction industry workers, cultural arts industry workers and community members on CPT.

CPT “soft” education is the life skills achieved through: 

  • cooperation and teamwork.

  • a sense of accomplishment and completion. 

  • experiencing the power of strength in numbers.

  • creating a strong sense of ownership in the building and belonging to place. 

  • going beyond sustainability and adding a regenerative element..

  • adding something positive to construction, education and cultural performing arts industries

  •  weaving together several strands to multiply the benefits exponentially.

Benefits of CPT “soft” education.


For schools, CPT creates a stronger belonging to place and makes learning and attending class more meaningful and appreciated. It also strengthens the links between students, teachers, family and community for the greater good. For cultural centers such as AYUSH, it serves as an inbuilt business promotion element. It makes the site more well known, more meaningful and more appreciated by all which is good for business. It provides a link between both future potential clients and the future operators of the premises. It provides a unique way for the site and the goods and services being offered there to be promoted before and during the construction process so that by the time construction has been completed, the relationships between future potential clients and the business operators of the site are established and underway

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