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Musical Mud Stomping Dance

Mini Mud Fun Small Scale Models

The musical mud stomp is a central component of our construction projects as it brings together all stakeholders for an afternoon of summer fun. This festive event elevates the site of the construction and generates long-lasting positive memories. It instigates a sense of belonging to place before construction is completed. Audience members see the bricks being made to music and participants get a feel for the recipe on their skin. Musicians play with a new found purpose. They become construction activators. Food is served as symbol of unity. Youth leaders take on important roles to make it a success.  Therefore it is the juncture of cultural arts, construction and education.

Building a small scale model around a table is a great way to start. One can learn: the basic principles of heritage construction including the foundation, load-bearing walls and the roof. Also the recipes and techniques for wall construction/ renders/plasters/mortar and paints/finishes.  One can get a hands-on feel for the recipes. A sense of teamwork can be established and the team can start planning and getting a feel for what it will take to take on a life-sized project.  The finished model can be showcased to the community and used to generate support and interest in the life sized project. 

Try playing all videos at once to get a feel for a festive earthen masonry event or project...

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