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Build a liveable cubby house
A small structure
With big experiences for many

A fun, funky realistic first house to build

This structure was built on family backyard land. Now I want to help others create something like this for themselves as I see this kind of thing as the realistic house of the future..

Technically this liveable cubby structure is not a “house.” But come inside. How does it feel? There is an open fireplace in the sleeping nook, a rainwater tank fed flush composting toilet, and a gas hot water system for the “outdoor shower”, bath, and outdoor kitchen which has both a wood-fired stove and gas stove. For electrical needs, there’s a nearby shed with power where appliances can be used and charged including chargeable lights and lamps. The earthen masonry cubby area, where one sleeps, showers, baths, prepares food, and uses the toilet, is free of electrical EMFs. 

If we want to be creative and think in terms of how we sleep when we go camping in a tent, then we can put a double bed over the bathtub, fit 2 or three children in the fireplace room, and if we pull an awning down over the big wooden slab bench out front then there’s roof for another. Then of course there is the outdoor courtyard area that can include more people in tents behind big thick earthen masonry walls. 


Cubby appeal

The feedback I have received is “Yes! I would like to try living in this or something like this.” And I’ve noticed there is a certain novelty appeal that doesn’t apply to the standard modern house. In other words, there’s a niche market of people who prefer this to the norm. Whether that novelty appeal is only for short stays or something more permanent is yet to be seen


There is something refreshingly simple about a bunch of people coming together to build a small humble home. Building a cubby house is a perfect place to start. Not just a children’s cubby house but something that adults feel comfortable sleeping in too, or living in. Something that straddles the line between a cubby house and a real house. This is what I have just completed. Building a cubby gives you a lot more freedom and less mental baggage. You can approach it more like an art project and fill the process with lots of fun and humour.


There is a new trend toward smaller spaces that are cosy and low maintenance and under the radar. 


Also in real estate investment terms, smaller structures provide a higher financial return for each dollar spent, i.e. a house that is the same size as 5 small studios, is not able to earn as much as 5 studios because privacy is valued.

\it can start with as small as a sleeping pod and grow from there. The mud fun way is to big experiences with lots of education and fun via building small structures.

Cubby pics.


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