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Mud Fun provides hands-on, project-based learning opportunities and builds beautiful enduring structures that showcase our heritage.



​The outcomes of the program are:

  1. Educational Outcomes: Students learn their curriculum, develop cooperation, team building, and leadership skills, and gain work-like experience through project-based learning methods.

  2. Community Outcomes: Meaningful events and activities provide social cohesion, especially within a school community.

  3. An architecturally engineered structure.

Construction Project As Teacher

We use heritage construction methods and an ethos of teamwork to foster a positive learning environment. We extract educational and social skills from the process of the creation of the structure.


Combining the Construction Sciences and the Cultural Arts

The construction sciences and the cultural performing arts are significant elements of our society. One provides shelter and the other provides nourishment for the soul. One emphasises efficiency and limits who is involved. The other activates the imagination and the emotions and it reaches out expansively without limits.  Mud Fun blends the inherent strength and value in both for better outcomes.   New experiences are created, new ideas are spawned within our youth, and the ways of our ancient ancestors and indigenous peoples are validated.


Combining music, dance and theatrics with architecture, building, and engineering sparks interest and engages large numbers of people in the creation of a public structure. Its speaks to the fundamental and universal desire to have fun and does so in a meaningful way.  It speaks the conversations of environmental sustainability, healthy living, and community connectedness. Scheduled into the construction timeline are children-friendly festive events with music, food and building activities. Involving your community like this in the construction process gives them a strong sense of belonging to place and ownership in the completed building. The role of the cultural artist is expanded into one of construction project activator and the role of the architect, builder and engineer becomes more transparent and connected to community.  To book your free consultation contact us here.

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